Tuesday, 18 December 2012

On The Desk

i am finally on maternity leave since last week (thank god!) which is just about the right time as i am really getting uncomfortable with this huge belly now. i am 37 weeks tomorrow and apparently the little man can pop anyday now and my nerves are kicking in a bit. he has his head down (phew!) and i've begun to have period pain-like sensation more often so it really feels like it's not so long now until we finally meet our little dude........ i have been busy with prep for welcoming him and sorting christmas presents out at the same time and i am glad that i have all this time to do this (since everything takes double the time with this bulky bump in the way!)

there are some pictures of what's happening on my desk this week if you would like to see...

1+2. getting crafty and making bibs (a lot of them!)
3. breakfast prepared by tom on a weekend
4. going through a phase of sweet tooth these days - so hard to refuse!
5. wrapping up christmas presents
6. ebay finds
7. my big appetite continues!
8. although i have been using them everyday (like 3 times a day, no joke!) i found small stretch marks on my belly the other day... sigh.



1+2. 経費削減でビブ(よだれかけ)作成中!
3. 週末にトムが作ってくれた朝ご飯。人につくってもらうとやっぱりありがたいねぇ(トマトはどうやら足りなかったらしい 笑)
4. 最近やたら甘いものが食べたくなる
5. こっちはプレゼントのラッピングはお店ではやってくれないので、みんな自分でやります。でも結構楽しいので嫌いじゃない♡
6. ほとんどのベビー服は頂いたものか、ebay(ネットオークション)で安く購入したもの。みんな口を揃えて、すぐ着れなくなるから!ってゆうので高いのは手が出ません。
7. あいかわらず食欲満開。
8. 妊娠してから毎日2回も3回もオイルやらクリームをお腹にぬりまくってたのですが、このあいだ臨月にはいって妊娠線ができてるのを発見!ショック!涙。いまのところ広がってないのでまだましだけど....。とほほ。

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

breastfeeding, have you done it?

we have been attending antenatal lessons in the last weeks which has been very useful but has really hit us that our little baby is really on his way soon and we are barely ready for it! this week's session was about breastfeeding. I personally agree that it's the best way to feed your child and I am totally up for it, but I am full of questions and am very interested to know what it is really like to breastfeed your child.

my dear friends, if anyone reading my blog today has breastfed or is breastfeeding your child, I would love to hear what your experience is/was like! did it get painful? how long did you breastfeed your child? tried but didn't work? did you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? i'd love to know! :)

P.S. my midwife said that putting a cabbage leaf on your breast is good for sore boobies - we were like "what, really?! (like this..?)"




PS 助産婦の先生が「おっぱいがいたくなったらキャベツの葉っぱを胸に貼るといいですよ」と素で言ってたんですが、え、ほんまに...??こういうこと?

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