Monday, 30 May 2011

Before and After

Hi peeps! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. (Thank god for the long weekend!) Since we had a longer weekend I finally tried something I'd had in mind for a while - Going to a DIY shop and doing some DIY myself! (Sometimes going to Homebase is as fun as going to Topshop!) We bought this second hand chest of drawers from a local charity shop for £15 (Bargain!) and had been meaning to give it a bit of love. Here is my first "Before and After"!

It wasn't really a hardcore DIY and we only sanded and painted it but it was so much fun!

Sandpaper and cork block to speed up the process

Tom sanding his socks off. It's a man's job, right? 

I love the colour of this paint by Laura Ahley - Chalk Pink

Now I have this growing desire to paint everything in the flat!

There is another Before and After we experienced this weekend... 

And after!

Hope you enjoyed my first Before and After.... x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mini people

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! (Well, the world didn't come to an end, did it?) Since I was out till late last night, (Happy birthday Sana&Rich!) I had a relaxed crafty Sunday afternoon... At the start I meant to make a couple mini faces to make it into a broach but I ended up making a whole bunch of mini people!

 Sticking on cutout felt together using fabric glue

Stitch on eyes and lips, also paint pink cheeks using fabric ink.
Cheeky cheeks!

Purple lady with birdcage veil and hazelnut head boy

Japanese ping pong girl and big pink hair lady 

Long blue hair lady and strawberry boy! 

Frenchy boy and mysterious leafy man (He is my favourite!)

Mini faces! 

Hope you enjoyed it.... x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

Hello lovelies, hope you're having a great weekend! The other day me and my lovely friends went to The Sound of Music sing-a-long to celebrate our friend's birthday. (Happy birthday, Sara!) It was the BEST thing ever! We are all singing our hearts out and had SO much fun!

 You can have a go too! 
"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens 
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things...."

What are your favourite things that make you feel better (when the dog bites and the bee stings)? Here are a few of my favourite things!

1. My sewing machine
I got this for Christmas last year which gave me the idea of starting this blog!

2. Flowers in the front room
When we go for our weekly food shopping I always try getting some flowers. I normally get cheapish ones but they are pretty enough to lighten up our flat! (Those blue hyacinths were only £4.95 at M&S.
We got those pink ones last week. Err..what are they called?)

3. Sleeping in a bed with clean white linens 
I got this eye mask from MUJI in Japan and I stitched on a little sheep.. 
One sheep, two sheep, three shee... zzzz....

4. Green Tea Frappuccino
Trust me. It's DELICIOUS. If you ever get a chance to go to Asian countries, you have to try this at Starbucks.  If I could get it in London this would be my lunch everyday.

 5. Rabbits
They are definitely my favourite animal.
I have one at home in Japan called Mon-chan. (Full name is Monroe.)
The second photo is when she first came home... Now she is 12 years old and still going!


OK, also my recent secret favourite thing is... Glee!  
Well, I said it so now you know!
Tom hates it but I don't care!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sun, Flowers, and Elephant cushions

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a sunny weekend. Today the weather was so lovely in London so we decided to get some lunch at one of our favourite spots in East London, Columbia flower Market. The beautiful and colorful flowers all the way, the crowds of good looking people, the cockney flower-sellers and all the pretty shops on the street, this is definitely one of my favourite ways of spending a Sunday afternoon!

So pretty just looking at it!

Err, I found a fox man stitching on a window.

We usually get there around 2pm when it's closing
so you can grab a bargain!

Someone is happy!

Having been inspired at the market, as soon as I got home I found myself sitting in front of my trusty sewing machine. I had been meaning to make chair cushions, (I love our old-school table and chairs but it's a little uncomfortable sitting for a long time...) so finally got round to getting on with it!

The elephants and blue spotty fabric that I got in Japan. Love it! 

 Hopefully no more aching bums!

Looking and smelling good...

Sunday, 1 May 2011

So long Japan. Hello again London.

Konnichiwa lovelies! Long time no blogging! We are back from holiday in Japanland. We had soooo much fun as ever spending time with the family and friends, eating simply DELICIOUS food, hanging out in sakura fulfilled Kyoto. (ahh it was truly beautiful..) It was the first time for both of us to visit Japan in spring and it was such a nice time to be there. Our holiday couldn't have been any better! Though I am also happy to be back home and even happier that we have a looong weekend! Thanks for the day off, William and Kate!

Anyways, here are some photos to share with you our holiday times...

 The beautiful Expo Park in Osaka. Tulips were in full bloom!

 Yes! Picnic with Japanese food! Heaven...

 Look how roomy the train is! 
Though it's kind of scary to think it gets super packed in rush hour..

 We were both lost for words at this beautiful Japanese garden
in Heian shrine in Kyoto...

When Tom does this with his tongue, he is VERY focused.
(Often seen when he plays football game on computer.)

View of Pacific Ocean near Ise Shrine

Oka-san and Oba-chan. (Mum and Grandma)

My friend works at this amazing cafe run by
one of the best ryokan (Japanese style hotel) in Japan, Tawaraya.
They have been open for whopping 300 years!

A dreamy rape seed field. Sigh....

Don't you just love this train? I wouldn't mind a long commute on this..

 Lunch with my lovely cousin at cafe Mitsubachi-do in Osaka. Yum.

 Look how tall this sakura tree is!

We got married at this shrine on a hot summer day... 
(I mean REALLY hot. I nearly passed out in a kimono!) 
The year of the rabbit!

Me and Yuta (my little brother)


We had a such a great time but it also struck us at the same time seeing all the news about the earthquake and how severe the devastation is. There are still aftershocks every one or two hours everyday in north Japan, and a countless number of people are still living in shelter having no idea when they can return home. 
I will be continuously running my personal project, Craft Aid, to keep giving long term support to those in need. So please help me help Japan! 

P.S. Apart from eating lots of food, I couldn't stop myself shopping too. I bought lots of fabric and my creativity is at its peak! (I even got myself a pair of Ray-Ban glasses when actually I can comfortably see everything. Oh well.)

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend! 


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