Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ganbare (Don't give up)

 Hello lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend with lots of sunshine! It finally feels like spring has arrived after a long long wait. Thank god! 

Although it was so tempting to be ouside but I dedicated my weekend to make some new items for my etsy shop, Craft Aid. Ta-da! Please have a look, hope you like it!

 Mini Black Bird Cushion  Pink stripy £5.00

 Mini Black Birdy Cushion  Blue stripy £5.00 ... and more!

This week I was so encouraged by so many people trying to help those in need in Japan. I was so happy to know that they are doing their own thing to help Japan. Even Lady GaGa. (Not that I am a fan of her but she does certainly have influence!) I would like to share with you some of the great fundraising events.

        Artistic way to help Japan!

My friend Koich is playing this fundraising show with Bo ningen and Comanechi on 10th April at Hoxten bar and Grill. Yay!

 My friend Ai has an etsy shop called AikyoCreation and 
she is also donating all the profits until 15th April. 
Go you!

Ganbare Nippon! Don't give up Japan!
Have a lovely week! X

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Love for Japan

Hello everyone, I have been away from my blog for a little while since Japan has been hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Thankfully my family and friends are all safe but this is not the case for a lot of people. I live in London, far away from home, and I was feeling absolutely powerless and hopeless being way from my country. But at the same time I was also heartened by so many people who are willing to help and give support to the people in need. 

So I also decided to do what I can do... Donation. In my own way. 

I have set up my little etsy shop, Craft Aid, to raise money for Japan. 100% of the profits will be donated to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund by GlobalGiving. There are only few things on sale at the moment but there will be more to come very soon! (Bear with me! I am trying my very best having a full time job at the same time!) Please come and shop by, hope you find something you like! 

It has been 10 days since and I can see that there are less and less news and reports about Japan day by day. However we shouldn't forget that a large number of people are still living at shelters without enough waters and food supplies at this right moment... 
Let's all give them ongoing support until the day they have their lives back! 

P.S. Thank you everyone who have been very supportive when I was feeling down since.
Love X

Monday, 7 March 2011

Nautical pancake

Hi guys, hope you had a great start to the week! I have still been doing lots of peeping around the web which has become my routine over the last few weeks - there are so many nice things out there and I am getting so inspired! Here are some marine-themed items that I found this week and I wanted to share it with you! 


Poor lady whale... I can't stop thinking about her.

  Lovely sailor tote bag from etsy shop. Classic!

Still too cold to go to the beach? How about some pretty shells

Loving the paper boats from selvedge.
Couldn't be more nautical than this...


By the way, did you know that tomorrow is Pancake Day?
I love making pancakes on a weekend, it's so relaxing and feels really "weekend".
My heart is already set on pancakes for this weekend's brunch! 
Mmm yum...

My pursuit for a new project for the weekend still continues... 
Hopefully I can put up my new creation soon!

Happy Monday! X

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Almost weekend

It's almost weekend. I have been 1.having a think about my next project that I still haven't decided yet. 2.blogwalking looking for inspirations. 3.thinking about our holiday in April. (destination - Japan!) 

 Deliciously pretty! (By the way what's calabasa?)

My new purchase from etsy this week that I fell in love with.

More things I want to learn.

We are too scared to carry on watching...

Can I have the guy with the black hair please?

How can I resist this little fella, Henry James? Can you?

I am still thinking about my next project for the weekend....


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