Monday, 31 January 2011

A Little New Friend

Hi there people, hope you all had a happy January! Since I started this blog I have been doing a lot of blogwalking which is giving me a lot of inspirations and making me want to make more things! Last Sunday, being inspired by Martha Stewart and Emily Martin making dolls, I made..... 

 A little new friend.... a bunny!

I wanted to give her a bit of character so I chose some mismatching colour fabric.

This is my personal favourite bit - filling it up with stuffing!

Applying a final touch with a little apron...

Ahoy! Here is our little new friend! I really enjoyed (and also struggled a bit...) the process of making her, choosing the colours, buttons and making the mini apron too! I think she is a very pretty one...
(Well, Tom thinks it's a crazy rabbit but there is nothing wrong with being a little crazy!)

Hope you all have a lovely February! X

Monday, 24 January 2011

Welcome home

Hi there! Hope you've all had a good start to the week! January is nearly over (time flies!) but it's still dark, grim and freezing cold! To make our home a bit happier and more cheerful, I decided to add a bit of a welcoming touch with a Japanese feel to our front room... Here is what I made!

 I printed some Japanese letters onto A4 paper and cut them out individually.

Outlining them on felt and cutting them out again. I used pink felt this time. 
 Now I am making some patchwork kind of stuff with left over material. You will see how it all came out in the next photo! 

I lined the letters on to the patchwork and put in a fame! It a big "Okaeri" which is Japanese for "Welcome home"! 

Well, it always tells you "Welcome home" which might sound not quite right in the morning but it feels nice and warm looking at it when I put the lights on when I come home after a long day and it's there in your front room... 

Happy January! X

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Hello guys! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Today I have been spending Saturday afternoon making bunting! You often see it at a party or wedding but I think this is such a lovely thing to decorate your room with even if it's not a party time!

I pulled out some blue/green colour fabric and cut them into a triangle.

It's fun to put them in order looking at the colour and patterns!

Sewing it together with white fabric cut into the same shape to thicken it. Hopefully it will look nice when it's all hanging up! 
Keep sewing and sewing....phew... and more sewing.... 

Now all the triangles are sewed together, I am sewing them onto a blue ribbon my husband got me on the way to his local weekly haircut as I realised I had nothing to sew it onto. 
Good choice, Tom!

Hooray! I love it! It looks nice in the hallway! You will be welcomed by my bunting when you visit our flat next time....

Happy weekend! X 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy crafting!

Hello there! Hope you guys are having a great start to the New Year. To get through the grey and dark January I have promised myself to make more lovely things and keep myself happy. I will start with posting some of the things I made in the past. Hope you like it!

These are my Japanese dolls that I painted to make them look a bit like me! Ooops someone else with the blue kimono seems to have joined the gang...

This is my favourite print I made on an etching short course at St Martin's College. This is a massive rabbit invading Tokyo! Watch out for the big bunny!  

One more day till the weekend! X

Saturday, 1 January 2011

This is where I start

Since I got this lovely sewing machine for Christmas, I have decided to write a blog and post some of the things I make! I hope you enjoy and also that this helps me being creative!

I just love the look! It's a very basic one which is perfect for me!

 The thing I made today is a lavender fragrance bag. I had some dried lavender from Neal's Yard that I bought last year and thought it would a lovely thing to make! I got some cheap materials from the local craft shop and put them together... I have a soft spot for spotty fabric....

I gave one to my friend and hung one in our bathroom. Now the bathroom is smelling so lavendery.... I love it! 

A Happy New Year!  X


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